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Website Maintenance Services

Websites that are up to date and performing well prevent security risks, encourage traffic and growth.

We evaluate your site to maintain your reputation

We host your website to keep up with each of the different additions on your site and to modernize it for new versions along with security releases. Our valuable website services keep your brand and your brand site from any kind of negativity. One of the major reasons for site hacking is, not keeping your site updated with the latest security patches. We keep up with each of the particular extensions on your site and monitor it for new versions and safety discharges. Our team regularly observes for updates and maintains backups in order to continue your site with safety and required alterations.


Malware & Hack Protection

Our team updates all of our client websites weekly to ensure all of the latest software and security exploits are fixed. If your website is ever hacked, you’re 100% covered as part of our maintenance agreement.

Speed & Tuneup

We make websites fast again with our optimization techniques and lighting fast hosting. We make your website mobile friendly and ensure it stays fast on all devices — not just computers.

Page Content Changes

Need to update events, bios or something else on your website? It’s all covered with our included content updates. We’re super responsive too and update your changes by the end of the day each day.

Error & Bug Fixes

We fix all issues with your website including Broken Links & Buttons, Error Codes, and much more! You’re entitled to truly unlimited support with bugs and errors repair services from us.

24/7 Website Monitoring

We monitor all of our clients websites 24/7/365 and if they go down, for whatever reason, we get an email notification and will work on it ASAP — for however long it takes, to get it back online.

New Pages & Features Included

Need new pages, forms, text, images or something else for your website? It’s all included in our monthly support plans. We can do nearly anything you can dream of on your website.

We can fix the bugs of your site

Dealing with website issues could be sensitive as it is not a matter of “if and but” when web servers get cooperated, you might have to face troubles like hardware failure, a virus,  whatever turned out will definitely leave you with the problem and could lead in ruining the reputation of your brand. But, media brand hosts you perfectly; we keep maintaining regular backups because we know the worth of your site. With our services we always perform a back-up before we perform any other functions on your website also; our proficient can restore your website within a little passage of time.


Your customers need change.

Change is perfect when done accordingly. Investing in your site and its maintenance on a regular basis can fascinate your customers and helps in amplifying their engagement with your brand. Your website is a stable gateway between your visitors and your brand. The state and relevancy of your website is an expressed reflection of the state and relevancy of your brand that is why your website’s regular maintenance is so imperative.

Not only design but also the content need to get change the outdated content is an element that creates a negative impact on the vision of your customers. Also, being a leading brand there could be the risk of having your website hacked which can create the fuss and negative impact on your brand, by deactivating such risks our team keeps your customers updated and your website maintained to protect your brand from any negative or risky happenings.


Excellent WordPress

To keep WordPress functioning like the finely polished engine, there are some site maintenance we suggest you and do it for your brands’ website frequently. Servicing a WordPress is the lube occupation that your brand need once in a time. WordPress is rapidly increasing and growing as more characteristics and functions are being included. It is advised that you must get check in with WordPress for the latest updates and improvements at least after every three months, six months at the most. We help your brand in updating WordPress and provide you with incredible WordPress services with the latest and modernized updates.


Great, so what’s included?

Here’s an overview of what’s always included when we work with clients. It’s not a comprehensive list and many additional “unseen” tasks specific to your custom website are included as well for no additional cost.

  • Updates to Pages – Images & Text
  • New Pages, Forms or Other Features
  • Help with Errors, Bugs & Hacks
  • 24/7 Website Monitoring Included
  • Speed & Tuneup Optimizations
  • Security Enhancements & SSL Certificate
  • Professional Business Email Accounts
  • Maleware Removal & Security Hardening
  • Off-Site Backups & Recovery
  • Unlimited Software Upgrades
  • Unlimited WordPress Upgrades
  • Changes to SEO Titles as Requested
  • Changes to SEO Descriptions
  • Same Day Turnaround on Most Tasks
  • Email or Phone Support & Consulting
  • Events & Blog Additions / Updates
  • Image Editing & Graphic Design
  • Ecommerce Support & Updates
  • Help with Google Search Errors
  • Premium LiteSpeed Hosting
  • Re-Captcha / SPAM Protection
  • Fix Broken Links & Buttons
  • Satisfaction Guarenteed
  • Plus Much, Much More!

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