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Search Engine Optimization works as a supporting tool in ranking your website also, SEO assists in boosting revenue.

Choosing the Right Content Management System for Your Website

A content management system (CMS) is an application used for digital content creation and management. They were established to create an easy way for content authors and publishers to add information to their websites without needing to know how to actually code or work within complex programming languages. When it comes to website development, content management systems are the best platforms to leverage for all types of companies from the smallest to the largest companies.

The advent and evolution of the CMS has empowered businesses to be able to participate in their marketing and in their website activities in a way that they weren’t previously able to when someone needed to know coded languages to make edits and updates.


Our Custom Content Management System

One of the biggest benefits of having a full-time database programmer on board is that we can set up a Content Management System for you that offers all of the features you need, and none of the features you don’t need. Because we can streamline it to meet your exact needs, it’s extremely easy to use. It’s so intuitive that even if a long time goes by between making site edits, you can log back in and immediately remember how to do it.


Our custom CMS will allow you to:

  • Add and delete pages, and move them around in your navigation.
  • Edit all page content, including text, images, links to external websites, links to documents (such as PDFs). You can also embed YouTube or Vimeo videos into your pages.
  • Toggle pages between being visible or invisible, should you want to keep pages in your database of pages but not always have them live on your site.
  • Set unique meta title and description tags for each page of your website to improve your search engine ranking.
  • Your Google analytics code will be automatically embedded in the html of each page that you generate using the content management system. This will allow you to check in on how your website is being used.
  • We will also program in any other features you need.
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Another option is for us to build your entire site using WordPress as the updating engine. The site will look the same as if we did not integrate it into WordPress, but WordPress will be the engine behind it. If we go this route, you will also have the ability to update all of your site content. The only drawback is it is a little tougher to learn – not quite a point and shoot as the above detailed content management system.


Nevertheless, it is a good, solid and easy-to-expand program that we often recommend to our clients based on their needs.

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Custom Database

We wouldn’t suggest developing an entire website off a database, but for certain sections/pages on your site a database may be a good solution.

An obvious use for a database is for e-commerce and catalog sites. Being able to easily add, update or delete products would be easily handled using a database.


Nevertheless, it is a good, solid and easy-to-expand program that we often recommend to our clients based on their needs.


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